Best Online Courses for Graphic Designers

1. Art Direction for Creative Visual Branding

In this course, Linus Lohoff breaks down the art direction profession into a tried and tested step-by-step method, encourages you to find your own conclusions, and leads the way for you to create your own professional brand book, ready to present to a client.

“This course is for anyone interested in exploring the role of an Art Director, it is very useful and easy to follow!”

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2. Presentation of Branding Projects

In this course, The branding people will teach you how to structure a presentation with all you need to include, from the initial research to the development of the project, to the brand’s necessary visuals to captivate your client. You will create a presentation developed from a brand identity project that reflects the essence of a brand and shows the space in which the brand will live.

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3. Developing a Creative Concept for Branding Projects

An effective branding project must focus on both the design as well as the initial investigation to the ideation and conceptualization. Alejandro Flores – founder and creative director of the design studio Human – focuses on creating memorable brand identities that go beyond the simple idea of creating a “pretty logo”, but rather a strategic solution to the challenges a brand faces.

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4. Logo Design – Graphic Simplification and Minimalism

There isn’t a clear-cut way of designing or redesigning a logo, the possibilities are endless. Rubén Ferlo is a designer that specializes in brand design and logos with a passion for minimalism and reductionism; his experience and perception of design have led him to a “less is more” approach. He has worked for clients in the USA, Australia, the Middle East, and Russia, for both startups and major companies.

In this course, Rubén teaches his creative process to master the graphic simplification for a logo design, step by step. Learn how to design simple and memorable brands, while maintaining your own style throughout the process.

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5. Logo Design – from Concept to Presentation

Through the years, the New York-based designer has created iconic logos for the US Open Tennis Championships, Harvard University Press, Conservation International, and many more. Balancing simplicity and distinctiveness is one of the most difficult tasks in graphic design and one that Sagi Haviv excels at.

Through the process of working on a logo and identity for a client, you will explore your own identity as a graphic designer. This course will help you break some misconceptions about design and will help you elevate your work and your portfolio.

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